Engineering the Future. The Tom McGann Memorial Summit

Tackling skills shortages in the broadcast & media industry

March 5th & 6th, The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Starts 9:30am on March 5th, concludes 1:30pm on March 6th  


Organised by IABM Educational Foundation, in conjunction with ABU and AIBD the summit draws together representatives and leaders from across the broadcast and media ecosystem and the government, training and educational institutes who give people the skills needed to enter and be effective in this sector. The ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2017 follows this summit at the same location, with kind permission of ABU

The summit is not about presentations from the stage. It’s about working with representatives and leaders first to identify what people and skills shortages they struggle with in their sector and geography, then more importantly what initiatives and changes are needed and what organisations and businesses present can do to bridge that gap. Where appropriate, it will seek to extend and apply the actions developed at the previous summit, held in Geneva, identifying and assigning additional actions that may be more applicable in-region.

Our world of broadcast news and entertainment is being transformed through online, mobile, OTT and social media.  Asia as a region is leading in many of these areas, with China and India becoming media powerhouses, and technically surpassing the West with their adoption of next generation technologies.  At the same time, there are many broadcasters in Asia, particularly in the emerging economies, that are still getting to grips with digital TV transmission; where the pace of change in domestic markets in terms of skills, experience and national video services has not been as rapid. 

Dedicated to Tom McGann, one of the founders of IABM, the summit brings together representatives from companies in the technology supply chain, broadcasters, system integrators, education government and broadcast and trade associations from the region to identify initiatives to grow the people and skills-base in the region to the benefit of all.